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Body Armor

ATEK body armor products include Level IIIA ballistic vests, backpacks, shield inserts, binders, and hard armor plates, helmets, and PPE Protective Face Shields. Our Elite body armor scored 20% better for Back Face Signature (BFS) and includes a 7-year warranty, unparalleled in the body armor industry.

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Vehicle Armor

ATEK has turn key lightweight ballistic armor vehicle solutions. We currently create a discrete line of Cash and Carry Vehicles for large fleets.  We can armor any fleet of vehicles or even do a single vehicle.

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Building Armor

ATEK structural armored protection offers unique, low-cost protection for banks, government buildings, schools, etc. Our armored wall panels come in UL752 Levels 1-8. We have handgun rated level 2 Shield Glass in addition to a Level 5 rifle rated Shield Glass.  We also offer Smash and Grab window protection to prevent break-ins.

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ATEK is helping to liberate children from trafficking & slavery

ATEK Defense Systems donates a portion of all sales to the Child Liberation Foundation

Child Liberation Foundation Mission: Child trafficking is a degrading fact of our world.  It is our goal to eradicate child trafficking. We help fund efforts to prevent child trafficking, protect children by locating and liberating them, followed by prosecuting child traffickers.  You can help in eradicating child trafficking by using raising awareness, contacting your representatives, and by helping fund our foundation.

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