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ATEK manufactures NIJ certified high-performance graphene based ProTek, GraphTek, and Nano-panel ballistic materials. This nano-technology is 30 times stronger than Kevlar and 3X the tensile strength of steel.

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ATEK Ballistic Technology Applications

The Future of Ballistic Protection is ATEK Defense Systems

ATEK Protek™ Technology for Use in Body Armor

ATEK Defense Systems produces a proprietary nano-fiber formula called Protek™, which slashes weight in body armor by up to 66% compared to traditional vests. Not only does it weigh less, but body armor made with ATEK Protek™ technology has unparalleled flexibility and is specifically made to conform to the contours of human anatomy, providing both men and women greater comfort as well as safety.

ATEK Protek ballistic materials are flexible, fully water resistant, and anti-microbial, which creates a safer, longer-lasting, and more cost effective body armor solution.

The ATEK Advantage

ATEK is a national supplier of  exclusive and proprietary defense and ballistic solutions that are stronger, lighter, and more affordable than the leading industry competitors. Our patent pending Protek™ and GraphTek™ graphene technology is being used to revolutionize ballistic defense and armory across the nation.

ATEK’s NIJ Certified graphene technology is 50,000 times smaller than a human hair, 30 times stronger than Kevlar, 100 times stronger than steel yet 1/6th the weight.

Are you interested in a lightweight, durable alternative to traditional ballistic armor for vehicles, buildings, glass and body armor?

Opportunities Exist for Departments, Agencies, Units, Dealers, Licensing, OEM and Partnerships.

Call (385) 999-2255 or send us a request for more information to discuss current available options.

What Others Are Saying About Atek

"Thank y'all very much for reaching out. I have been dealing with customer service issues this past month with other line items in our department and it was a great change of pace to see how much y'all care about your customers and potential customers. Bottom line is I'm sold!"

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