What restrictions exist for purchasing body armor?

At ATEK we do not sell body armor direct to civilians. One of our strategic partners can provide this solution for you at At the
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TSA and Body Armor

In the United States, the TSA does not restrict passengers from carrying body armor products as of the posting of this article. Traveling overseas might
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Is it legal for civilians to own body armor?

Yes, it is legal in all 50 States for citizens to own and use body armored products at the time of this posting. The only
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Do I need a background check to buy body armor? 

No, we do not perform background checks on our customers. The company does have purchasers self-declare in the check-out process that they are not a
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Does ATEK sell body armor outside of the United States?

Yes, we provide armor solutions to both United States and friendly nations police, military, government agencies and private security.
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Does ATEK armor stop AK-47 or AR-15 rounds?

The Elite Armor series offered by Citizen Armor website does not stop rounds from AK-47s or A.R. 15’s. However it does protect from armor piercing rounds from
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ATEK Standard VS Elite Armor Comparison

STANDARD ARMOR ELITE ARMOR Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers Includes Aramid Fibers Includes Polyethylene (UHMWP) Requires a water
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What are the care instructions for your body armor?

The armor panels are removable from the vest carrier. remove the armor panels then you can wash the carrier in the washing machine and air
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Cleaning body armor

The armor panels are removable from the vest carrier. Remove the armor panels then you can wash the carrier in the washing machine and air
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Military Testing: Fragment Ballistics

After the Vietnam War, military planners developed a concept of “Casualty Reduction”. The large body of casualty data made clear that in a combat situation, fragments,
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Backing Materials for Correct Testing of Body Armor

One of the critical requirements in soft ballistic testing is measurement of “back side signature” (i.e. energy delivered to tissue by a non-penetrating projectile) in
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VPAM Armor Standard (Europe)

The VPAM scale as of 2009 runs from 1 to 14, with 1-5 being soft armor, and 6-14 being hard armor. Tested armor must withstand three
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TR Armor Standard (Germany)

The Technische Richtlinie (TR) Ballistische Schutzwesten is a regulation guide in Germany for body armor. It is mainly issued for body armor used by the German police, but
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NIJ Certification vs “Meets NIJ Standards”

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the process of NIJ Certification, specifically what it means for the end user and
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NIJ Body Armor Threat Levels Summary 0101.06 Standard

Level IIA Tested to stop 9mm and .40 S&W ammunition fired from short barrel handguns. No rifle ammunition protection. Level II Tested to stop 9mm
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