ATEK Standard VS Elite Armor Comparison

Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene MicrofibersFeatures Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers
Includes Aramid FibersIncludes Polyethylene (UHMWP)
Requires a water proof protective cover to not be exposed to water, UV light & environmentImpervious to water, UV light & environment
Protects against NIJ Level IIIA handgun rounds up to .44 magProtects against NIJ Level IIIA in addition to armor piercing rounds that include the FN 5.7x28mm, Winchester Ranger T-series SXT, and Liberty 9mm
Standard allowed Back Face Signature (BFS)Up to 20% less Back Face Signature (BFS)
Not rated for stab resistanceStab resistant up to 34 Joules

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