ATEK for Body Armor

The best ballistic protection on the market from Atek Defense Systems

Body Armor made with Protek

ATEK Defense Systems uses a proprietary formula called Protek™, a trademark graphene-infused aramid fiber ballistic material, which slashes weight by up to 66% compared to traditional vests. Not only does Protek™ weigh less but it has unparalleled flexibility and is specifically made to conform to the contours of human anatomy, providing both men and women greater comfort as well as safety.

Unlike traditional aramid fibers, Protek™ has been proven to function even after complete submersion in water, neutralizing a key weakness of common soft body armor. In addition to being water resistant, ATEK body armor doesn’t degrade like traditional body armor, which makes our soft body armor far more durable and cost efficient.

ATEK Protek™ Benefits



ATEK Body Armor is like no other because it is lighter, stronger, water resistant, anti-microbial, longer lasting, flexible and more comfortable.

Our patent-pending Protek™ and GraphTek nano microfiber technologies are 30 times stronger than Kevlar and 100 times stronger than steel but only 1/6th the weight. These exclusive innovations improve all around ballistic performance.

We are so confident in our Body Armor that we offer our customers an unprecedented 7-year warranty on our ELITE Body Armor products.

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