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Structural Armor and Bulletproof Glass for a Safer Workplace

ATEK building armor materials offer a unique, low cost bullet and blast proof solution for banks, government buildings, schools, and many more institutions. We have many levels of armored wall panels and ballistic flat glass. Our Smash & Grab window protection for any glass surface prevents break-ins.

ATEK’s lightweight structural armor panels and bulletproof glass are:


ATEK structural armored wall panels provide extra security to those who need it most. Whether you are protecting the front entrance to a building from drive by shootings, creating a safe room, or protecting assets, we have you covered. Our armored wall panels come in UL752 Levels 1-8 and sizes range from .5 inches to 5 inches. We can install them for you or you can have a local contractor do it under our direction.

BulletProof Flat Glass

Our armored shield glass is available in UL752 level 6 which is only .5 inches thick and will handle 9mm and 45 cal and our UL752 level 8 glass that is 2 inches thick. We also offer Smash & Grab window protection film that is a lighter and low-cost option to help prevent break-ins. This film is not ballistically rated, but still allows the windows to stay intact if shot or hit with a hard object.

Ballistic & Fire-Proof Doors

ATEK Defense Systems offers ballistic and fire-proof doors available with all threat levels from IIIA to level IV custom designed to fit your building.

High-Pressure NanoPanels

Manufactured using our proprietary GraphTek™, this is the first ultra-light-weight hard armor solution with  flame retardance. GraphTek™ is a revolutionary graphene-infused UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) that combines the lightweight nature of UHMWPE armor with the multi-shot capability and fire retardance of steel. This material is suitable for building, automotive, and aviation use.

NIJ 0108.01 Rating Weight (Areal Density) Thickness
9mm/357 Mag
.44 lbs/2
2.14 kg/m2
2.2 mm
44 Mag/357 Sig
1.3 lbs/ft^2
5.9 kg/m2
6.35 mm
3.65 lbs/2
17.82 kg/m2
17.5 mm
5.56 AP/7.62 x 39 AP
7.74 lbs/2
37.8 kg/m2
17.8 mm

*Our III+ has an 1/8” (3mm) steel skin for stopping armor-piercing rounds

The Lightest BulletProof Glass Available

ATEK Defense Systems manufactures the lightest bulletproof glass systems in the industry. In addition ultra-lightweight functionality, ATEK’s Shield Glass has unprecedented one-way ballistic functionality, meaning that you can’t shoot in but can shoot out!

Our Shield Glass has been tested to UL752 Level I / NIJ Level IIA and can stop multiple shots of .9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core. It has unprecedented 1-way ballistic protection, so bullets are stopped from coming in while allowing you to shoot out with deadly force with 9mm or higher caliber. 

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