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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

ATEK Ballistic Vehicle Glass

Ballistic Level

NIJ Level IIA One-Way Protection

Our Ballistic Vehicle Glass has been specifically designed to easily replace existing vehicle windows and provide the occupants with unprecedented one-way ballistic protection. Auto Shield Glass can be custom fit for almost any vehicle and is currently available for all standard Law Enforcement models. Engineered and carefully manufactured for maximum clarity and weight reduction, installation of Auto Shield Glass will provide unprecedented protection for your personnel without noticeable differences to the functionality of your vehicles.

Glass Features

  • Handgun rated ballistic glass tested to UL752 Level I / NIJ Level IIA
  • Thickness: 0.55 ± 0.05 in or 13.97 ± 1.3 mm
  • Added Glass Weight: 6-10 lbm or 2.7-4.5 kg
  • One-way ballistic protection stops incoming 9mm bullets, but allows the vehicle occupants to shoot out.
  • Window is still able to function in the door, which allows the occupant to roll up or down.
  • Adds approximately 5.4 lbs per door
  • Available in clear or tint
  • Available for makes and models
  • Made in the U.S.A.