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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing
Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

The ATEK Advantage

High Performance Ballistic Technology

ATEK uses its patent pending Protek™ and GraphTek™ graphene technology to provide ballistic solutions that are stronger, longer lasting, thinner, lighter and more comfortable. These exclusive and proprietary solutions are available for licensing, OEM manufacturing, and partnerships.

ATEK’s Protek™ graphene technology is 50,000 times smaller than a human hair, 30 times stronger than Kevlar, 100 times stronger than steel yet 1/6th the weight.

Our evolutionary Elite body armor is waterproof and impervious to UV light and the environment.  It will not degrade with moisture or time and will outlast and outperform anything on the market. Most impressive, it is proven to take over 100 rounds without penetration.

Our glass and vehicle armor solutions are up to 92.4% LIGHTER WEIGHT while being a more AFFORDABLE solution than our major competitors. ATEK offers leading edge ballistic armor for vehicles, buildings, walls, and glass as well as hard and soft body armor for personal protection.


ATEK Defense Systems is a worldwide ballistic solutions company.  We offer the most advanced combination of armored products including body armor, vehicle armor, and building armor.

Our innovative ProTek™ graphene technology positions us to offer the best protection available anywhere. We care deeply about the lives our products are made to protect, and feel it is our responsibility to provide premier solutions for our partners, law enforcement, military, first responders and security personnel.

Opportunities Exist for Departments, Agencies, Units, Dealers, Licensing, OEM and Partnerships.