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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

ATEK Body Armor

The Future of Body Armor

ATEK Body Armor is like no other because it is lighter, stronger, water resistant, anti-microbial, longer lasting, flexible and more comfortable. 

The reason we are the best Body Armor is because of our patent-pending Protek™ and GraphTek nano microfiber technologies. These exclusive innovations improve all around ballistic performance.

We are so confident in our Body Armor that we offer our customers an unprecedented 7-year warranty on our ELITE Body Armor products.

ATEK Elite Body Armor Benefits

  • Waterproof
  • Impervious to UV light
  • Better ballistic performance
  • More comfortable and flexible
  • Lighter
  • Stab resistant
  • Anti microbial (does not smell bad even after long term wear)
  • 7-year warranty

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