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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

ATEK Armored Glass Solutions

Ballistic Glass NIJ Level IIA One-Way Protection

Cant shoot in, but CAN shoot out! 

ATEK Defense Systems offers unprecedented one-way ballistic protection for law enforcement and security vehicles. Our Shield Glass has been tested to UL752 Level I / NIJ Level IIA and can stop multiple shots of .9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core. It has unprecedented 1-way ballistic protection, so bullets are stopped from coming in while allowing you to shoot out with deadly force with 9mm or higher caliber. It is thin enough to allow the window to function in the door, so regular use is not compromised.


  • Handgun rated ballistic glass tested to UL752 Level I / NIJ Level IIA
  • One-way ballistic protection stops 9mm coming in, but allows the vehicle occupants to shoot out with 9mm or higher.
  • .485” +/- .01 in thick glass easily replaces existing OEM glass without modification to the door and can be done with any fleet mechanic or auto glass technician.
  • Window is still able to function in the door, which allows the occupant to roll up or down.
  • Adds approximately 5.4 lbs per door
  • Available in clear or tint
  • Available for a variety of 2011 - 2021 standard police vehicle makes and models (contact us for a complete list of available makes and models)
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Protect Buildings and Vehicles Against Impact

Our Smash and Grab™ Security Film reinforces existing building and car windows to be able to resist the impact of outside projectiles. Even if glass shatters, the film creates a protective layer that keeps the window intact so occupants and possessions are not vulnerable.  Our clear Smash and Grab™ Security Film is available in 4 different thicknesses and when applied to glass, it offers additional protection and ensures that the glass stays intact if hit with a hard object.

Contact us to request pricing per roll in 5′ or 6′ width and 25′, 50′, 75′ or 100′ length or our Vehicle Protection options that can be applied to any vehicle make or model.  Professional installation by an auto or glass or tint technician is recommended.

Key Features:

  • Smash resistant
  • Available in 4 thicknesses
  • Available in universal sheet sizes to fit any vehicle (just trim excess)
  • Ideal for vehicles and buildings
  • Ensures glass stays intact when hit by a hard object 
  • Increases structural capacity of a window to 10X its original strength
  • Transparent and does not impede visibility
  • Less expensive alternative for vehicle and building protection
  • Available by the roll for larger jobs

Smash and Grab™ Security Film Options:

  • 8 mils (0.008 inches)
  • 12 mils (0.012 inches) 
  • 16 mils (0.016 inches)
  • 18 mils (0.018 inches)  

Opportunities Exist for Departments, Agencies, Units, Dealers, Licensing, OEM and Partnerships.