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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

ATEK Armored Ford F-150



We offer lightweight and affordable one way glass and door panel armor protection for police and security vehicles.

Included in this Ford F-150 Armor Package:

  • Four (4) Door Level IIIA Door Panels
  • Two (2) UL752 Level I lightweight functional driver and passenger windows
  • Two (2) Level IIIA Ballistic headrests
  • Smash and Grab Security Film on two rear passenger windows

Level IIIA Door Armor

Our level IIIA standard vehicle armor will stop all standard handguns from 38 special to 44 magnum. Unlike many metal armored doors which can weigh up to 350 lbs. per door, we only add 9-15 lbs. per door. Our armor can easily handle multiple shots. Our IIIA standard armor is thin enough that it still allows the Shield Glass to function in the door.

    Clear Glass Armor - Shoot Out…Not In 

    Our ballistic clear glass armor is called Shield Glass. Our most popular Shield Glass can be manufactured to meet handgun or rifle threat levels. Our Shield Glass products are rated for multi-shot and made to fit into whatever make, year, and model of vehicle you choose.

    Our Level I handgun Shield Glass is specifically designed to stop multiple shots from a 9 mm handgun with ease yet allow the driver the ability to shoot outside the vehicle and penetrate with 9mm or higher caliber.

        Call for pricing on custom solutions.

        NOTE:  The price does not include the vehicle.  This kit can be installed on site or at our location in Utah.  Vehicle purchase options including the armor are also available.