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Military | Police | Government | Private Security | OEM | Licensing

ATEK Ballistic Sentry Ultra Conceal Vest

Armor Level

Sleek Undercover Vital Protection

The Sentry Ultra Conceal Vest answers the demands for a completely concealable body armor system, ideal for undercover operatives. This bulletproof vest discreetly covers the vitals, front, and back (heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys) with the sleek V shape of the shield. The .25” thick armor can be fully concealed under clothing and forms to the body. Not only is this vest our most discreet option, but it also boasts the highest comfort for everyday use. Our fabrics are selected for their moisture-wicking and breathable qualities, to reduce odor and discomfort while the 3D spacer mesh keeps you cool and dry.


• Sizes: C1 (XS), C2 (S), C3 (M), C4 (L), C5 (XL)
• Removable armor shields
• Washable outer layer
• Large adjustable straps
• Nylon and spandex mix with stretch
• Water wicking draws moisture away from the body
• Breathable spacer mesh for ultimate comfort
• DWR antimicrobial coating with odor control
• Made in the U.S.A.